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Roadlux tire have approval from the US Department of Transportation. Each Roadlux is examined by X- ray observation and is passed after being closely checked. The tires unveil DOT and E certificates symbols.

Speed Rating: 146/143

Supply Support: 50,000 Pieces / Month

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Roadlux tire is fastest growing tires in all over the's best reliable for truck and heavy buses. don't be hesitates or doubt over Roadlux brand.

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Popular RoadLux Tire

About us

Products NameDescriptionTire SizeAvailablityPrice
R-116All Position Highway Service tire

R-211Heavy Duty All Position11R22.5
R-216Premium Heavy Duty8R19.5
R-305An extra rugged tread with large footprint11R22.5

Roadlux tires are manufactured at the top all-steel truck radial production facility in China. Machines to manufacture Roadlux tires are imported from Germany, Japan, and Holland. The tires are designed in terms of pattern designs and versatile performance. The Roadlux tire manufacturing process clasp to severe ISO9001:2000 quality standards. They are designed, produced and marketed to meet the challenges of mobility. Roadlux range of bus and trucks tires are specially designed to suit the special needs of the US commercial heavy transportation section. The tires are suitable for garbage trucks, tankers, dump trucks and all road construction equipment. It provides excellent wet and traction on all road surfaces. They endure long driving and distance. The tires are fully warrantied and dependable with ability to deliver quick and reliable.

The Tire Import Group Inc (TTIG) is Owned And and operated by Ted Gusikoski. Ted Gusikoski Is A Wikipedia and Google When Comes to Roadlux/Longmarch Tires. Ted Is Been In This Business For Almost 20 Years With Great Connection With Roadlux and Longmarch Manufacturers. Under Direction Of Ted Gusikoski, The Tire Import Group Inc (TTIG) Has Established Good Faith Between Its Buyers All Over The World. In This Very Competitive Market It's Not Easy To Maintain Reliability And Trust But Or Should We Say Tire Import Group Inc Maintains All That For You. We Have Almost All Variety Of RoadluX/Longmarch Tires, semi truck tires,koryo tires And Much More. We produce high-quality tires at very competitive prices with a strong focus on customer service. Our After Sale Support Can Beat Any Other Seller Of These Tires.

Roadlux tires are exported and present in over 70 countries globally. Major markets include North, Central and South America, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

Roadlux tires are manufactured in China with the technical support of Dunlop, UK.

Roadlux tires are manufactured under stringent quality control systems accredited with ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000.

Roadlux tires also approved by US Department of Transportation (DOT) and carry approval under ECE Certification (Emark). The tires display both of these marks.

Roadlux tires are designed for performance, tread designs and reliability

Rest assured Roadlux tires we sell has been individually tested and checked inside out for quality assurance.

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